Опозицията в Иран: "Към пазарите,другари!"

By The Field

Бившият ирански президент Мохамед Хатами направи покана към всички привърженици на реформацията в Иран, които трябва да излязат на протест днес и утре във всички ирански градове. Водещият опозицията Мир Хюсейн Мусави публикува предложението на Хатами на своята страница във Facebook. Аз го слагам в оригинал(английски език):

In the name of God

We will not waste our energy, but act efficiently. We have conveyed our words to the coup-makers to the world in the streets. Now we need to change our strategy.

From this Tuesday, at 9 every morning we will all go to the bazaar in our towns all over the country. If they prevent us, the bazaar will close. If they do not, there will be such congestion that the business will get interrupted and the bazaar will close. If they disconnect the telephone lines, again all activities will get interrupted and the bazaar will close. As much as possible, we will shut down the whole town and go to the bazaar to shut it down.

Take everyone with you. Bring the children, too –without any slogans-without green signs-without sit-ins; pretending to go shopping but not buying anything. We will only think of shutting down the bazaar, but do not leave any traces, not even a victory sign by our hands. NOT AT ALL.

We will only think of victory. Bring the children, all the towns of Iran, without slogans, without slogans, without slogans, quietly, quietly, quietly, without greens, without sit-ins, without fighting. If anyone starts quarrels or shouts, we will not join because we pretend to be going shopping. There is no need to fear, and everyone will come. No fights, no bloodshed, no slogans, no sit-ins. If they prevent us, we simply return because we mean to shut down the bazaar, not to assemble. If they shoot tear gas, the bazaar will close. We will act smartly and will not engage in any sort of fights although if any fighting happens the bazaar will close due to insecurity. But we will not engage in any fights, and calmly and solely think of victory. With the congestion the bazaar will shut down, or no one will be there. Under any circumstances we will win. Dear Mr. Mousavi: We do not need your martyrdom and self-sacrifice; we need your leadership until we reach our goals. Until 9am Tuesday, the 3rd day of the martyrdom of June 20th martyrs, we will have enough time to inform everyone.

Inform friends by any means: through websites, foreign media…. From Tuesday towards bazaar.

Send this message to friends and the addresses below so that it gets widespread all over our dear Iran. This strategy is effective and there is no need to fear, and will bring millions of Iranians into the scene without any bloodshed. Rest assured this strategy is so effective that the enemy will soon start denying and making rumors, and will start struggling. Do not believe them because this program will continue. Do not listen to rumors and inform everyone by whatever means possible.

Wishing for success.

Това е интересно предложение за протест. Ако бъдат затворени пазарите, независимо дали от задръствания или от липса на купувачи на стоките, това ще доведе до голям срив в икономиката на Иран. Пазарите в Техеран и големите градове са главно средище на търговията. Ако всички излязат според поканата на Хатами, то ще наблюдаваме нещо наистина интересно.