#KolenaLaila : "We Are Strong Arab Ladies".What does it mean?

Arab woman seek her place in a patriarchal society. Today Arabian woman can seek justice through the Internet – where the initiative is spread  quickly.

Arab woman is strong. There must be some doubt about that. Changes in the behavior of men to women, but must come a change in mentality and way of thinking. Arab society  has never been in such a vacuum as now. This time will pass, but you have to have patience. Women should also try to change something. I know many cases in which a woman uses her husband-she does not go to work, sit at home, but today is difficult, if not both work.

Change of thinking is difficult, especially if they constantly make you think a woman is something that will always have – thing. This is very bad opinion. Currently, the Arab society is torn between modernity and tradition. Not religion, but tradition. As we have seen countries like Malaysia and the Philippines have Muslim populations, but have very different society than in most Arab countries. What is the reason then?

Zeinobia write:

I do not know why the world ignores a woman like Dr. Samira Moussa as a brilliant example of an Arab woman scientist or like Djamila Bouhired as an Arab woman warrior or like Safia El-Sadat who stood in front of a whole society to defend her marriage from a man regarded to be from a lower different class. Even from our old history we had bright wonderful examples of strong confident  ladies like Asama Bint Abi Baker , Lady Fatimah and Lady Zeinab. There are thousands of strong successful Arab women in different positions from scientists to CEO and yet no one shads the light and speaks or celebrates these achievements as if we are only used to dark sad examples.

I agree. There are many examples of strong Arab women. You have to remember about them to know that the past is not so black. This depends on us. The choice is ours. If you want to change something in Arab society, it depends on us. Indeed, governance in Arab countries often prevent these changes. But that should not stop changes. Initiative Kolena Laila -what does it mean?