Movement of Arab Bloggers (MAB)

For some time I have an idea to create a movement of Arab bloggers, which will allow more visibility of actions and campaigns that made Arab bloggers. For me this is important because freedom of speech is something missing in the Arab world and young people have something to say.

What is Movement of Arab bloggers (MAB)?

The aim of the movement of Arab bloggers is to create a structure that combines the efforts of bloggers from the Arab countries and Arab origin with bloggers in countries outside the Arab world.

For this purpose, shall be established a site on which to write a few people like Global Voices. Priority will be news related to the rights of free speech, arrests of bloggers. Therefore, it is vital to include more bloggers from the Arab world to follow the news closely.

On the site itself will have aggregator of Arabic blogs to allow readers to receive news of interest to them.

Increasingly severe situation of bloggers in the Arab countries. Many are arrested, are still in jail without conviction. The aim of the movement to organize the community to react in time and create campaigns for the release of these bloggers. When efforts are united, not having the nationality of the author’s meaning, success will be greater and the campaigns will have a stronger effect.

Therefore, it is necessary the participation of more bloggers. Currently the most powerful movements have in Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain. All these authors have a different view of the world in which they live. They must be protected to be able to write freely their opinion.

Movement of Arab bloggers will shows his opinion on controversial issues, the Middle East and North Africa. Arab bloggers who live outside the Arab world, will report how it relates to society in Arab countries outside the Middle East and North Africa.

Who can participate?

  • Arab bloggers from the Arab world

->write articles related to the human rights situation in their country

  • Arab bloggers and bloggers sympathetic to the Arab world, outside the Arab world

->published its opinion on the Arab communities in their countries are concerned how the public (in Europe, USA, etc.) to the Arabs, initiatives related to Arab bloggers arrested etc.

Your help is needed – ideas, banners, support.