Moroccan activist Boubker Lyadib was arrested

Received today (by Kacem El Ghazzali):

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 in the evening a blogger and Amazigh activist Boubker Lyadib Was arrested when he has declared the strike blogging in a week of mourning which Moroccan bloggers association posted.

Actually, a search warrant had been issued against the 12 rights activists during the Tghjijt events , including BoubkerLyadib who was the reporter of Tghjijt’s events .

Bashir Hizam,also was arrested and sentenced to four months imprisonment with effect. Then,Bokfou Abdullah,online manager;one year in prison. Was also sentenced, three students from four months in prison for each of them because of their particpation of sit-in organized by the Tghjijt’ students to defend some student requests and rights.

Though the issuance of search warrants, the other human rights activists are living their lives normally even if they are observed by authoroties, while the policemen continue to chase the blogger Boubker Lyadib starting the first week of mourning on Monday who confirmed when he called the Association after his arrest, that the first questions policemen have focused on some of what he had published on the Internet on Monday, about a “strike blogging” for “national week of mourning for the freedom of expression and speech in Morocco,” organized by Moroccan bloggers association and this strike will continue until the 31 of this January.

Let’s recall that the detention of the blogger falls within the context of the compaign conducted by the state against freedom of expression in Morocco, as several journalists and bloggers have been severely punished with a lack of justice and equity and the decisions reflected the abuse of power in its worst forms, violating the most basic principles of freedom of speech and press.Bashir Hizam and the online managerAbdullah Bokfou were victims of this waves and comes after the turn of Boubker Lyadib;penalty of exposing them to the authorities of violations and abuses in the suppression of protests by Tghjijt’s students simple social requests.

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