Moroccan activist Boubker Lyadib was arrested

Received today (by Kacem El Ghazzali): Yesterday, Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 in the evening a blogger and Amazigh activist Boubker Lyadib Was arrested when he has declared the strike blogging in a week of mourning which Moroccan bloggers association posted. Actually, a search warrant had been issued against the 12 rights activists during the Tghjijt events , including BoubkerLyadib who was the reporter of Tghjijt's events . Bashir Hizam,also was arrested and sentenced to four months imprisonment with effect. Then,Bokfou Abdullah,online manager;one year in prison. Was also sentenced, three students from four months in prison for each of them because of their particpation of sit-in organized by the Tghjijt' students to defend some student requests and rights. Though the issuance of search warrants, Повече [...]

Movement of Arab Bloggers (MAB)

For some time I have an idea to create a movement of Arab bloggers, which will allow more visibility of actions and campaigns that made Arab bloggers. For me this is important because freedom of speech is something missing in the Arab world and young people have something to say. What is Movement of Arab bloggers (MAB)? The aim of the movement of Arab bloggers is to create a structure that combines the efforts of bloggers from the Arab countries and Arab origin with bloggers in countries outside the Arab world. For this purpose, shall be established a site on which to write a few people like Global Voices. Priority will be news related to the rights of free speech, arrests of bloggers. Therefore, it is vital to include more bloggers from the Arab world to follow the news closely. On the site Повече [...]


This photo also worked in solidarity with the peoples of Iraq and Palestine. There comes a moment when words run out and a picture can say much more.

In this picture I want to tell fellow bloggers from the Arab world – there is hope and must continue to fight for principles.

Initially I published  picture on Facebook and Flickr.