Photos from Palestinian concert in Sofia

In Sofia (Bulgaria) there was a concert of Palestinian ensemble “Call of Earth” on the occasion of  Youm Al Ard (Land Day) which celebrate on 30th March. There is one more reason for that concert and it is the birth day of Mahmoud Darwish (13th March). Wonderful concert!

"No army, no prison and no wall can stop us"

Abdallah Abu Rahmah, The Electronic Intifada, 7 January 2010 To all our friends, I mark the beginning of the new decade imprisoned in a military detention camp. Nevertheless, from within the occupation?s holding cell I meet the New Year with determination and hope.I know that Israel's military campaign to imprison the leadership of the Palestinian popular struggle shows that our nonviolent struggle is effective. The occupation is threatened by our growing movement and is therefore trying to shut us down. What Israel's leaders do not understand is that popular struggle cannot be stopped by our imprisonment.Whether we are confined in the open-air prison that Gaza has been transformed into, in military prisons in the West Bank, or in our own villages surrounded by the apartheid wall, arrests Повече [...]