Letter to Catherine Ashton

The Honorable Baroness Catherine Ashton High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Vice President of the European Commission Dear Baroness Ashton: On December 16th, Jamal Juma’, was arrested by Israeli Authorities. Mr. Juma’, an internationally known and respected Palestinian human rights defender, is known to many EU officials and diplomatic missions because of his advocacy work and has participated in many European Union and United Nations conferences on Palestine.  Mr. Juma’ – coordinator of the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign – is subjected to a military court system that does not comply with international standards of fair trial and due process. Jamal’s arrest comes at the height of the current wave of Israeli repression Повече [...]

Mohammad Othman -coordinator of the Stop the Wall Campaign was arrested

Israeli occupation forces detained Mohammad Othman on the 22nd of September, 2009. Mohammad was detained while trying to return to the West Bank over the border from Jordan. Mohammad has spent the summer touring Europe, and was returning from his latest trip to Norway. Mohammad is 33 years old, and has dedicated the past ten years of his life to human rights causes, particularily the non-violent struggle against the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank. Mohammad is from the village of Jayyous in the occupied West Bank, and the village has lost most of its privately owned land due to the Apartheid Wall. The land is now confiscated by Israeli settlements, which are deemed illegal under international law. Mohammad has an extensive network in the international solidarity movement, and plays an important Повече [...]