Интервю за Europost за войната в Сирия и какво се случва с Ислямска държава

Ruslan Trad: Peace in Syria is still far awayUnfortunately, Europe is busy with making populist and nationalistic statements instead of waging a real battle with the issues which serve as a trigger for terrorism, Ruslan Trad, journalist and Middle East analyst, says in an interview to Europost.Mr Trad, do you see the end of the civil war in Syria in the context of the declared withdrawal of US troops from the war-torn country?The conflict in Syria, triggered in 2012 by a wave of protests which were crushed in 2011, has long become not civil but regional. As before the Russian intervention in 2015 we faced mostly two belligerent parties - those of the insurgents and the pro-government forces, then in the past three years the situation has changed drastically. The offensive troops Повече [...]