The Golan Heights needs your help

There is a battle going on, over at Wikipedia, over the use of the word “occupied”. You can help.

(Thnx Syria News Wire)

Some fans of Israel seem to think it is acceptable to call the Syrian Golan Heights – which have been occupied by the Israeli army since 1967 – as merely “disputed territory”.

There is no “dispute”, it is accepted under international law, and global public opinion – and even by some Israeli politicians – that the land is Syrian, and will have to be handed back under any Israel-Syria peace treaty.

I changed the terminology from “disputed” to “occupied”, and got caught up in an edit-war. That has forced a discussion, where users can finally settle on a word to describe the Golan.


First – re-post this on your blog.

Second – go to this page, and scroll down to the bottom. Paste this in: *”’Reply to RFC”’ (including the ” ” ) and then have your say – occupied or disputed?

At the end of the consultation, the majority opinion wins! Simple.

This may seem like a waste of time to you, but it is an important war of words. Anyone looking for an appropriate way to describe the land is likely to turn to Wikipedia. Don’t let them find that it is acceptable to call it “disputed” territory.

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